How to Change the power steering pump
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  The steering system on your Opel Power steering pumps uses various mechanisms to help you guide and control the vehicle, including the power steering pump. After years of service, components in the power steering pump may wear or brake: The rotor and input shaft may loose a firm connection, the case may develop cracks or leaks. In such cases, you need to replace the power steering pump unit. Now, let us look at how to Change the power steering pump.

  On 3.4L engines, you do not need to remove the upper air cleaner assembly and duct. But you have to support the engine with a floor jack and take off the upper engine mount using a wrench or ratchet and sockets, and remove the drive belt form the engine

  Take off the power steering mounting bolts and lift the pump out of the engine compartment. Take off the upper air cleaner assembly and duct; if your vehicle comes with an evaporative emissions (EVAP) canister purge solenoid valve, remove it too. In most cases, you can remove the valve manually.

  Install the hoses to the steering pump and the EVAP canister purge solenoid valve On 3.4L engines, reinstall the drive belt, upper engine mount and remove the floor jack.