How to Replace the Power Steering Pump in a BMW 323i
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You know it's time to replace the power steering pump on your BMW 323 when you start hearing some terrible noise from the steering as you turn the wheel. Other symptoms can include heavy steering. Replacement of the pump is actually not difficult. Dealers usually charge around $800 to replace one. You can do it yourself for less then $100 if you get a used pump that is in good shape from a salvage yard.
Open the hood. Remove the cap from the power steering reservoir, located on the right front of the engine bay (as you are looking at it). Use a turkey baster or similar tool to remove as much of the fluid as possible.
Jack up the car and place it securely on jack stands. Chock the rear wheels with a piece of wood for added safety.
Move under the car. Remove the plastic splash panel that conceals the power steering pump with a Phillips screw driver. Turn the six screw to unlock them and the panel will come off.
Pry off the plastic cap from the power steering belt tensioner with a flat screwdriver. Before removing the belt, loosen the three 13-mm bolts on the power steering pulley. Without the tension of the belt the pulley will turn when you attempt to loosen them. Insert a T-50 Torx bit into the tensioner to release tension and remove the belt. Remove the three bolts on the pulley for the power steering pump.
Unfasten with a 17-mm wrench the two hoses that go into the power steering pump, being careful about spilling hydraulic fluid.
Install the new pump with the three bolts and put the old pulley back on with the three 13-mm bolts. Re-attach the hoses for the power steering pump. Put the splash panel back on and lower the car back to the ground.
With the car running, top off the power steering reservoir with about 1 quart of power steering fluid. Turn the wheel back and a forth a few times during this process.